by Cytosoul

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released 20 April 2013

Recording Engineer: Tyler Hoover
Album Artwork: Lucas Matney



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Cytosoul Muncie, Indiana

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Track Name: Winter Dreams (feat. Todd Hatchett)
Verse 1 (Todd Hatchett)
Travel in the world,
Reach the city of death,
Death to ethics,
Reaching for their fix of essence,
Lessons learnt from the discontented winters
Winners getting lost in the blizzard of the sin,
Ten bottles of alcohol, ten bottles of beer,
Drink it down then revere and fear the person you could be,
Tragically, you end up lining shelves as the conveyor belt does,
A machine, from the seems, It would seem you're well together,
But your dreams only come as kaleidoscope,
Coping with the fire potent ashes of the green,
So you sing away the days and sway the way
Of He who claims to be your king, a puppet, a pawn, regime.
He then, who sees, he is heathen could only hope and see,
He won't be there, when we claim our dreams,
In the winter...

Verse 2 (CytoSoul)
I spent my last couple months cooped up in this bedroom,
And just because you can hear me now, doesn't mean that I'll be seen soon,
I used to write raps about bein' hard and smokin' trees,
Now I write poetry about what the law had done to me, the sick scenes,
The misery of little seeds, stems, and a little weed,
Legally, a dope fiend, and emotionally, the wrong key,
This smoke screen of honesty, lobbyin’ behind the scenes,
Politician bribery within their Towers of ivory.

Verse 3
I’m still that little dude crazy about the Super Saiyans,
I’m still my family’s little saint, crazy they still love me, man
They were put against the test when I was facin the arrest,
Kicked in the ass harder than the bass drum on my kit set,
My sick mess and that regret and hot sweats and Grim met,
Can't stand much more of this torment, I’m the doorman, and I forfeit,
And I form fit this weak shit, to rap about me with,
so please hit this decent, green shit and witness.